Preview Materials for Board of Governors Exam


Human Resource Management

Presenter: Christina Lewis, RN, MPH, FACHE

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Presenter: Ed McKillip, FACHE

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Healthcare Technology and Information Management

Presenter: Gail Malcolm, FACHE

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Quality and Performance Improvement

Presenter: Kevin McGovern, FACHE, VP Operations, St. Luke’s University Health network

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Laws and Regulations

Presenter: Christine Winn, FACHE, Executive Director, Adult Health Institute and Hospital Based Services, Cooper University Health Care

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Ethics and Professionalism

Presenter: Jack Lynch, FACHE, President and CEO, Main Line Health

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Presenter: Brian Sweeney, RN, MBA, FACHE, Jefferson Health System

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James Burke, FACHE, COO, Hahnemann Hospital

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Morris Fansler, MBA, FACHE

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Governance and Organizational Structure

David McQuaid, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

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