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Dear Fellow HLNDV Members,

As you’ve seen in our previous update, the HLNDV Mentorship Committee has continued to be quite busy throughout the Summer and Fall, and as we prepare for the Holiday Season, we find ourselves in a somewhat different position than we normally have.  Specifically, as you’ll recall, our pleas have been aimed primarily at seasoned, experienced healthcare professionals interested in becoming a mentor.  Well, it seems we’ve done such an efficient job in past months that now we find ourselves in need of a few more early careerists looking for these seasoned professionals to help them.  So, for you seasoned folks out there, please don’t forget us – we always need mentors like you.  But if you’re fairly new to the healthcare field, or want to break into a different part of healthcare, and think you might benefit from having an experienced mentor to help you navigate the steps to your goals, the HLNDV Mentorship Program may have the answer for you!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please click on the link to our “Mentorship” section on our website for more information.  We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, we’d like to wish all our colleagues a very safe, healthy and Happy Holiday Season!

HLNDV Mentorship Committee 


The Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley (HLNDV) provides a Mentoring Program to expand opportunities for learning and professional development for members at all levels, including students, early careerists, mid-careerists, and senior executives, as well as executives in transition. It is designed to promote professionalism and leadership in healthcare management, as well as greater involvement in HLNDV. This mentoring program is designed for members of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Serving as a Mentor provides an opportunity to play a direct role in the professional development of the next generation of healthcare leaders. Sharing insights from personal experiences and “lessons learned” as a one-on-one advisor supports the growth of the Mentee, while adding to the leadership portfolio of the Mentor.

Mentees benefit from the practical guidance and perspective offered by their Mentor, and the opportunity to achieve specific development goals while developing a relationship that will expand their professional network, a key driver in career advancement.



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