HLNDV has created a new volunteer role to support the chapter and engage your
colleagues in professional development – right from your work location!



The goals of the Member Services Committee of the Health Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley are (1) membership growth and (2) increased engagement of the members and greater member satisfaction. The Member Services Committee, in collaboration with the HLNDV Board and other chapter committees, has put together a program to develop Partner Hospital Organizations (PHO’s) to help achieve those goals.

Prospective PHO’s will be health care provider organizations that serve communities within our chapter market area (Southeastern PA, Southern NJ, and Delaware). Each PHO will have one or more Ambassadors to function as a liaison within the organization and as an advocate for HLNDV. The focus of this role will be to serve as a catalyst to increase awareness and engagement by senior executives, mid-level managers and early careerists in HLNDV educational programs and services, and to encourage chapter membership growth.

The Ambassador will

  • Identify employees within the PHO organization who are non-ACHE members and encourage them to learn about the benefits of HLNDV/ACHE membership.
  • Help to increase the number of employees that are ACHE affiliates within a pre-determined time period. The target is a minimum of 5 new ACHE members per organization.
  • In conjunction with the Member Services committee, organize an on-site informational session to inform employees about HLNDV/ACHE membership, programs, and services.
  • Identify and invite non-ACHE member colleagues from their organization to attend the informational session and other HLNDV educational programming and events.
  • Conduct follow-up with non-ACHE member colleagues to answer questions and determine their interest level in becoming a new member/affiliate.
  • Explore opportunities to engage their senior leadership and organization within the chapter (e.g. speaking opportunities, Fellow advancement, Mentorship program).
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to HLNDV to further strengthen participation and grow membership.

Requirements to be an Ambassador are:

  • Be an active member of HLNDV/ACHE and able to communicate the value proposition of membershipto the PHO’s employees.
  • Strong belief in ACHE mission, values and goals.
  • Willingness to promote and encourage membership in HLNDV/ACHE.
  • Visibility and influence within their organization, preferably at the Senior Management level.
  • Ability to follow up with senior management and other employees within their organization, and maintain a basic tracking system.
  • Capable of organizing and facilitating an informal on-site event.
  • Periodic reporting of PHO results to Member Services committee and HLNDV Board of Directors.

Ideal Skills and Qualities of an Ambassador are:

  • Advocacy
  • Initiative
  • Communication
  • Facilitation
  • Follow-through
  • Enthusiasm

Interested in becoming an Ambassador or holding a PHO Program within your organization? Contact us at PHO Program