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Chapter Awards and Awardees

Administrative Achievement Award

The Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley annually presents this award to an outstanding healthcare executive who meets the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates leadership ability
  • Successfully uses administrative ability to develop his/her department or organization and promotes its stature
  • Uses innovation and creativity in problem-solving and decision making
  • Is committed to continuing education in healthcare for self and others
  • Is involved in professional organizations and may have received awards/honors or published articles
  • Actively participates in civic/community service activities
  • Affiliate of the American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Has an active role in the Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley (past or present)
  • Cannot be a CEO, COO, or another senior-level executive within the organization

To nominate a colleague, please e-mail the nominee’s name, your name, and phone number to awards@hlndv.ache.org

Administrative Achievement Award Winners

2023: Patricia F. Isherwood, FACHE, CLSSG
2022: Sachit Verma, MD, MBA, FAPCR
2021: Meredith Inniger, MHA
2020: Colleen King-McClintock, MHA
2019: Lola A. Osawe, DHA, FACMPE, FACHE
2018: Chiragi Shah, FACHE
2017: Lauren Glowienka, MHSA, FACHE
2016: Emily Burrell, RD, FACHE
2015: Allison Wilson-Maher
2014: Donna Stinson
2013: Edmund L. (Ned) Lafer, MD, MBA, FACHE, FACPE
2012: Gail B. Malcolm, FACHE, LFHIMSS
2011: Trent A. Beach, PharmD, MBA, MHA, FASHP
2010: Mariane C. Stefano, FACHE
2009: Judy Faust
2008: Faith Pathak
2007: Adam Engle
2006: Joshua Zissman
2005: Adrienne Kirby
2004: Linda Grass
2003: Michael George
2002: Kate Flynn
2001: Rebecca Anwar
2000: Richard Cohen
1999: Tom Ferry
1998: Mark Vernon
1997: Linda Rivera-King
1996: Al Black
1995: Meryl Ostroff

Regents’ Awards

ACHE HLNDV Regents present two awards each year to outstanding healthcare executives recognized as “Early Career” or “Senior-Level”.
Criteria for each of the award include:

Early Career Healthcare Executive Award

  • ACHE Member
  • Demonstrates leadership ability
  • Demonstrates innovative and creative management
  • Demonstrates executive ability in developing his/her organization and promoting its growth and stature in the community
  • Participates in local, state or provincial hospital and health association activities
  • Participates and has been a positive influence in civic/community activities and projects
  • Participates in College activities and demonstrates an interest in assisting ACHE in achieving its objectives

Senior-Level Healthcare Executive Award

  • Early Career criteria (see above), plus
  • ACHE Fellow
  • CEO, COO or another senior-level executive title within an organization
  • Contributes to the development of others in the healthcare profession

To nominate a colleague, please e-mail the nominee’s name, your name, and phone number at awards@hlndv.ache.org.

Regents' Award Winners

2023 Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern NJ: Lauren Glowienka, MHSA, FACHE, Early Career
2023 Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern NJ: Christine C. Winn, PhD, FACHE, Senior-Level
2023 Delaware: LeAnn Myers, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Early Career
2023 Delaware: LaDale Walker, MHA, RDN, CPHQ, LSSGB, Early Career
2023 Delaware: John D. Shevock, FACHE, FACMPE, Senior-Level
2022: Michele Volpe, M.Ed., MBA, FACHE, Senior-Level
2022: Hisham M. Valiuddin, DO, Early Career
2021: Coy L. Smith, Senior-Level
2021: Anthony Stanowski, Senior-Level
2021 Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern NJ: Merritt M. Brockman, Early Career
2021 Delaware: Weston P. Riesselman, Early Career
2020: Thomas E. Skorup, Senior-Level
2020: Lolita L. Lopez, Senior-Level
2020: Brian E. Sweeney, Senior-Level
2020 Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern NJ: Jennifer Pawlowski, Early Career
2020 Delaware: Robert Redden-Huff, Early Career
2019: Stephanie Finnel, PhD, Early Career
2019: Lynn Jones, FACHE, Senior-Level
2019: Gail B. Malcolm, Senior-Level
2018: Mike Halter, Senior-Level
2018: Colleen King-McClintock, Early Career
2017: Meredith Inniger, Early Career
2017: Gary Perecko, Senior-Level
2016: Carey H. Gallagher, Early Career
2016: Adrienne Kirby, PhD, Senior-Level
2015: Joseph W. Devine, Senior-Level
2015: Emily Burrell, Early Career
2014: Margaret M. McGoldrick, Senior-Level
2014: Andrew Goldfrach, Early Career
2013: Jennifer Jasmine Arfaa, Early Career
2013: Alan Zuckerman, Senior-Level
2012: James B. Burke, Senior-Level
2012: Douglas K. Hughes, Early Career
2011: David P. McQuaid, Senior-Level
2011: Anna R. Steelman, Early Career
2010: Jennifer A. Bastian, Early Career
2010: Albert P. Black Jr., Senior-Level
2009: Jeremye Cohen, Early Career
2009: H. L. Perry Pepper, Senior-Level
2008: Richi A. Chaudhry, Early Career
2008: Richard Cohen, Senior-Level
2008: John J. Lynch, Senior-Level
2008: Howard M. Nathan, ACHE Legend Award
2007: Melissa Schrier, Early Career
2007: Alan Brechbill, Senior-Level
2006: Robert Hill, Early Career
2006: Kate Flynn, Senior-Level
2005: Leland I. White, Senior-Level
2005: Christine H. Markham, Early Career
2004: Douglas B. Metcalfe, Early Career
2004: Dennis J. Kain, Senior-Level
2003: Nathan Bosk, Senior-Level
2003: Kelli L. Rubis, Early Career
2002: Frederick L. Hollander, Senior Level
2002: Adam S. Engle, Early Career
2001: John C. McMeekin, Senior Level
2001: Christine C. Winn, Early Career
2000: Michael George, Early Career
2000: Charles P. Hall, Senior-Level
1999: Richard L. Jones, Senior-Level
1999: Kenneth Ackerman, III, Early Career
1998: Felix M. Pilla, Senior-Level
1998: Carl E. Adkins, III, Early Career
1997: Nicole Miller, Student Award
1997: Kevin J. Farrell, Preceptor Award
1996: Michael Berardi, Undergraduate Student Award
1996: Gene Johnson, CHE, Preceptor Award
1995: William L. Kissick, M.D., Senior-Level
1995: Raydell Fisher, Early Career
1994: Jeanie Kim, Young Healthcare Executive
1993: Meryle S. Ostroff, CHE, Early Career
1993: John J. Haney, Early Career
1993: Cary F. Leptuck, Senior-Level
1992: David A. Ricci, Senior-Level

ACHE Chapter Awards

Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley has been a leading independent Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). During this time, HLNDV has been recognized nationally over the years for its commitment to lead with excellence, developing healthcare leaders to last a lifetime, and ensuring all communities have an equal opportunity to advance their careers. These recognitions from ACHE are listed below.

Visit ACHE for more information about the Chapter Awards and Performance Standards.

ACHE Chapter Award Winners

2007 – Award of Chapter Merit
2008 – Award of Chapter Merit
2010 – Award of Chapter Merit
2015 – Award of Chapter Merit
2017 – Award of Chapter Merit
2018 – Award of Chapter Merit

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