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Our Committee Chairs are continually seeking the ideas and energy of members who are interested in making a contribution to our organization. Participating on a committee is a rewarding way to share your skills and knowledge in support of HLNDV, and build upon the generous time and effort given by our past leaders and committee volunteers. At the same time, the diverse range of activities and programs we deliver throughout the year provides unique exposure to new experiences, learning opportunities, as well as our broader membership. To become a Committee volunteer, please contact: volunteer@hlndv.ache.org

Academic Relations Committee

The Academic Relations Committee identifies and develops opportunities for the Chapter to improve its relations with students, faculty and educational programs. Specific functions include: promoting student and faculty membership and active participation in the Chapter and ACHE; developing and maintaining relationships with schools in ACHE’s Higher Education Network; coordinating visits to student programs to promote the profession; and identifying potential guest speakers for visits to student programs.

Additionally, the Academic Relations Committee is responsible for disbursing financial awards from the I. Donald Snook Education Fund on an annual basis. These awards support students in healthcare-related programs across the Philadelphia region.

Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee supports professional growth and career advancement for our membership through several programs and services:

  • Mentorship Program – Facilitates and provides guidance to anyone interested in becoming a mentor or mentee.
  • ACHE Fellow Advancement BOG Prep Program – Coordinates a structured learning engagement to help any interested member prepare for the ACHE advancement exam.
  • Community Service – Through a variety of volunteer events and programs, HLNDV members strengthen the bonds we share as healthcare professionals with those we serve.
  • Awards – Coordinates the awards process for the two annual Regents’ Awards for Early Career and Senior-level healthcare executives. Also coordinates the awards process for the annual Administrative Achievement Award for mid-careerists.
  • Early Careerist Group – This group provides educational programs, and networking and mentoring opportunities for members under age 40.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for all activities related to the Chapter’s public relations and social media outreach including: the Chapter newsletter, Annual report, website development and maintenance; recommendations about social media; coordination of photography at all events; and press release creation and submission.

Corporate Sponsorship Committee

The Corporate Sponsorship Committee develops and maintains relationships with organizations to obtain their financial support and to enhance the visibility of their brand within HLNDV. The Committee does this through: reviewing/revising sponsorship level benefit descriptions (e.g., Gold, Silver, Bronze) on an annual basis; communicating with identified potential corporate sponsors; securing new corporate sponsors; ensuring benefits of existing corporate sponsors (e.g., website logo, complimentary passes to events, newsletter articles, marketing opportunities at events); maintaining relationships with existing corporate sponsors; renewing corporate sponsorship agreements; and maintaining information found on the sponsorship page of the HLNDV website.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee champions diversity and cultural humility, and strengthens the efforts of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management and other associations. The committee engages Chapter and non-Chapter senior leadership with relevant expertise and opportunities to develop educational programs for the Chapter, and help promote and participate in diversity efforts. The committee works with other HLNDV committees to create diversity-related programs, and helps to present a diversity, equity, and inclusion focus on all Chapter and committee initiatives. It approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion from any/all aspects including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual preference, age, and disabilty. The Committee supports the chapter to develop relationships and partnerships with other organizations in alignment with ACHE’s diversity efforts.

Our committee purpose is to address, improve, educate, and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion with HLNDV members and the communities they serve. Our committee vision is to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future in healthcare management and the communities the HLNDV leadership body serves. Our committee mission is to build an excellent, inclusive, and equitable landscape to address healthcare management and health inequities by fostering an inclusive and respectful healthcare leadership body. Our objectives include addressing engagement, collaboration, community service, education and recognition, as expressed in an annual action plan.

Events & Education Committee

The Events and Education Committee offers healthcare management professionals and students a variety of high-quality and timely educational, networking and other programming events throughout the year. Additionally, the Events and Education Committee is committed to offering ACHE Face-to-Face or Qualified Education credits to those who attend select in-person or virtual educational programs to assist members in advancing to and maintaining ACHE Fellow (FACHE) status. The Committee partners with our Local Program Councils (LPCs) in Delaware and Southern New Jersey to ensure these events are offered in various geographic locations that are convenient for Chapter members.

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee is responsible for all activities related to understanding the needs of HLNDV members. Responsibilities include: creating and maintaining a new member outreach program; coordinating outreach to all subsections of members in conjunction with other committees; and creating, conducting and analyzing the annual membership survey for presentation to the board.

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